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Windows 2.0.1 English, French, Italian and Spanish caflur201-win32.exe caflur201-src.zip

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I'm interested in your opinion

CAFLUR is offered free of charge. Despite this fact, I hope that you send me an e-mail telling me what do you think about CAFLUR.

Please, if the program is used in an university for academical purposes, I would like know it. My e-mail address is israel.herraiz@hispalinux.es.

With your opinions and comments I will be able to improve CAFLUR.

Thanks for using CAFLUR.

More resources

Spanish tutorial, at http://caflur.sf.net/poka-yoke. Also you can download it, in order to read it off-line, at http://caflur.sf.net/poka-yoke/poka.zip.

I have written an introduction to wxWindows (a portable C++ and Python GUI toolkit) for the II Jornadas Andaluzas de Software Libre, organized by ADALA.

Introduction to wxWindows (PDF; spanish). It is a tarball with the LaTeX sources and the PDF. If you are a Windows user you can open it with Winzip.

Compatibility issues between different versions

Data files created with earlier versions of CAFLUR are not compatible with version 2.0. In general, files generated with CAFLUR a.bx are only valid in CAFLUR a.by.

That's it, if you create a file with CAFLUR 1.01, you only will be able to open it with CAFLUR 1.01.

If you create a file with CAFLUR 1.12 you can open it with CAFLUR 1.11 (for example).

If you create a file with CAFLUR 2.0, you only can open it with CAFLUR 2.0.

You can copy the columns of the grid with CAFLUR 1.1x and paste it in the grid of CAFLUR 2.0. Experiment data such as volume, temperature, etc must be enter by the user. Visit http://caflur.sf.net/poka-yoke/anexo.htm for more information (but in spanish).

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