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What is CAFLUR?

Caflur is a tool for analyzing chemical reactors.

It can generate a HTML file with tables and graphics of Residence Time Distributions. It can calculate conversions for both linear and non-linear systems, with and without flow model; and the parameters for some non-ideal flow models (tanks in series, axial dispersion and combined models).

In addition, it can calculate the micromixing intensity. The graphics can be generated in six different image formats, and be fully customized. The HTML results' report is also fully customizable.

The author of CAFLUR is Israel Herraiz Tabernero. I am an spanish chemical and mechanical engineer (master degree). Currently I am doing my PhD in the Libre Software Engineering Lab, in the Grupo de Sistemas y Comunicaciones in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. You can send questions and comments to israel.herraiz@hispalinux.es, I will be very pleasant of answering your questions.

Where can I find help about CAFLUR?

At http://caflur.sf.net/poka-yoke you can find a tutorial in spanish. You also can download it at http://caflur.sf.net/poka-yoke/poka.zip

At this moment, I have not written a tutorial in english. Please contact me if you have troubles with CAFLUR.

Is CAFLUR free software?

Yes, it is.

CAFLUR is released under the GNU General Public License.

Why the name 'CAFLUR'?

CAFLUR is an acronym of 'CAracterización del FLUjo en Reactores', which is the original name of the program in spanish. In english, it can be translated as 'Chemical Reactor Analysis Tool'.

Is CAFLUR available only in English?

No, it isn't. CAFLUR is available in spanish, english, french and italian. French and italian translations are due to Lidia Holgado.

In Windows, versions earlier than 2.0 are available only in spanish and english, except for version 1.01 that it is only in spanish.

In Linux, only version 2.0 it is available, and only in spanish. French, italian and english translations coming soon.

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