I want a S\oftware Patent Free Europe! And you?
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CAFLUR development group:

Carlos Paramio Carlos has created the makefile and configure script for Linux. You can find him at carlos.paramio@hispalinux.es. Visit his web, http://carlosparamio.is-a-geek.org, where you will find a lot of resources for learning to program (but in spanish).
Virginia González Virginia has createFRæWrle of all the CAFLUR artwork. You can find her at virginia.gonzalezcosta@alum.uca.es.
Lidia Holgado Lidia has translated CAFLUR into french and italian. She also had got a lot of good ideas for the newer versions of CAFLUR. You can find her at lidiaht@yahoo.es.
Israel Herraiz Isra (myself) began the development of CAFLUR as a part of his graduation project. The earlier versions of CAFLUR were tested by the students of the Faculty of Engineering of Algeciras. Thanks for your collaborations. You can find me at israel.herraiz@hispalinux.es.

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